Tozeret Bait (Home Made)


Amitay Harish, a 26 year old kibbutznik from the south of Israel, is arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor. His mother, Ahuva is convinced that her son is innocent and certain that he is being framed. Despite the wishes of Ezra - her husband and Amitay's father, she commits herself to clearing her son's name. Overcoming her shyness, she agrees to be interviewed in the media while she is holding in her hands the only document that she believes proves Amitay's innocence. Ezra refuses to participate in Ahuva's fight and tries to convince her that their son needs help. Little by little, her blind faith starts to crack and she begins to acknowledge the cold facts of the case. 
During the fateful visitation of her son in prison, Ahuva realizes that Amitay had indeed committed the despicable, heinous act he is accused of. Ahuva is left without a choice but to acknowledge this fact and reconsider her notion of being a mother.


Director: Lior Sagi

Country: Israel
Length: 18'00''