Cologne 2005


Choirboy: A Different Catholic

Filipino with English subtitles


In July 2004, the Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino or the Belgian Boys Choir charmed Filipino audiences with their wholesome Catholic image. That memorable visit was only the latest episode in a long religious relationship between Belgium, one of the world's first Catholic countries, and the Philippines. Scores of Belgium priests and nuns have moved to the Philippines in the last century to minister to the Filipino flock. Two month later, a group of Filipino documentary makers followed the choir to Belgium and their quaint, medieval hometown of Aalst. They were astounded by what they discovered - these Catholic choirboys and their country as a whole are not so Catholic after all. None of the boys go to mass, and hardly any of their friends do.



DIRECTOR Ella Marie C. Evangelista WRITER:S Ella Marie C. Evangelista, Howie G. Severino



Dora Virginia

Portuguese with English subtitles


Wash. Clean. Tidy. I have never seen Dora Virginia doing anything else.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Fausto Andre Cardoso



Existence - "Let your heart be my home" (Audience Award)

Sinhala with English subtitles


They are two friends. One sees life in a positive light. The other is filled with dark negative feelings. He has no real aims in life. Only his music keeps him going. They meet one day in their usual place and have a profound conversation about the spiritual side of relationships and life. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, their conversation also explores what is hidden, dark and miserable about daily living. They come to know each other better than before. They develop a spiritual attachment. With that bond, they take their lives forward.


DIRECTOR / WRITER: Indrajith Mahawaduge CAST: Gayan Lakruwan, Sujith Kumara, Lahiru Madusanka



Falling Grace (Winner 3rd Prize)

English with German subtitles


17 years ago, Grace, a messenger from the outside world was sent to earth on a routine mission. Back then, she unintentionally caused the spiritual awakening of George W. Bush that finally led him straight into the White House. Today, an urgent call causes Grace to return and try to correct her tragic mistake. At the Oval Office the night is dark and quiet...



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Sebastian Winkels PRODUCERS: Susann Schimk, Joerg Trentmann CAST: Megan Gay, Rolf Kanis



God in the Streets of New York City (Winner 2nd, Prize)



This film literally documents the carrying of Jesus through the streets of New York City. The monstrance which is used to carry the Blessed Sacrament is one of six that were blessed by our Holy Father Pope John II before his death to mark the celebration of the Year of the Eucharist. The film depicts the contrast between the everyday chaos of the busy streets, complete with traffic, construction, police cars and the peaceful presence of Jesus. There is always an opportunity to meet Jesus face to face. It poses the question: "Will you recognize him?"



DIRECTORS: Clifford Azize, Charles Kinnane PRODUCER: Michael Campo



God the Message



Young people with something in common: they have discovered the Presence of God. They have found out that God is really everywhere. You can find Him in prayer, but He is also in the eyes of others, in a sunset, in friendship, and in every moment and breath of life. It doesn't take much to see and admire His wonderful creation. This group of enthusiastic youth have also analyzed that God is also present where many people think Him absent. So they have decided to share this message from different points of view and a deep feeling that God is really everywhere. Got The Message?



DIRECTORS: Rene Neubert, Katharina Krupp, Bertram Doll CAST: Oliver Bouchery, Almut Brackmann, Ieva Cicelye and others



Gram (Grief, Winner 1st Prize)

German / Russian with English subtitles


On a rainy night a battered taxi drifts through the streets of Berlin. Iona, a Russian immigrant, is behind the wheel. His son Sasha had financed the family by driving the taxi until his sudden death. Now Iona tries his best as a blundering taxi driver. But what he really wants is to find someone to talk to about his son's death.



DIRECTOR: Daniel Lang WRITER: Annette von der Muelbe PRODUCER: Anna Wendt CAST: Victor Choulman, Rita Breitkreitz, Jaecki Schwarz and others



In God's Hands: Michael Barrett's Story



Michael was born severely disabled by cerebral palsy and he requires assistance in all aspects of life. Yet Michael lives with a spirit of hope that long ago defied doctor's expectations. He danced for the Pope at WYDs 2002 and continues to teach his friends what faith and life are made of.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Deiren Masterson



Return Home

German with English subtitles


A disbelieving young man has to walk home drunk from a party at night, because he has run out of gas. What he does not know is that this walk will change his life forever.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Tobias Huber CAST: Dominik Huber and others





A teenage girl experiences helplessness, loneliness and grief. She sees violence and injustice. She does not understand this world and appears somewhat lost in her turbulent thoughts. Led by the hand she is guided by a younger girl who helps her to find her "City of God".



DIRECTOR: Andrea Heinze CAST: Carolina Czichos, Tabea Katerbau and others



Tona Brona- A Tone of Bronze

Slovenian with English subtitles


Slovenia has a long tradition making bells and composing tunes for ringing the bells. Near Ljubljana there are groups of bell ringers, who have won several bell-ringing competitions...



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Sernej Kastelec CAST: Joze Mehle, Robi Mehle, Tjasa Plesko and others



Veni, Vedi, Lacrimavi

German with English subtitles


A Jesus statue comes to life and leaves the church. He struggles through the city and meets not only friendly but also unpleasant people. In the end, an unexpected guest arrives.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Tanja Zisterer CAST: Thomas Haimerl, Michael Springs and others



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