Award Winners

The Inigo Awards will be given to the three best short films.

The Award statue is designed by the sculptor Prof. Dr. Josef Alexander Henselmann.



  Winners 2013 - Rio

From left: Christof Wolf, S.J. (Festival Director); Guilhenne Pontes (WYD); Fidel Goetz Emerging Film Maker Award Winner Ngonidzashe Edward; Chrispen Matsilele (Assistant Director); Third Prize Winner Cécile Mavet; Flavio Cury (Assistant Director); Award for Best Humor and Spirituality Korbinian Wandinger


  1st Prize



The entire script of STALLED has been pieced together solely using real quotes found in women's washroom stalls across North America. What was shocking to discover was while there were several humorous quotations, there were countless pleas for help...

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DIRECTOR: Shannon Kohli

Acceptance Speech by Meghan Gardiner


  2nd Prize 

Address is Approximate

No Dialog

A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes across a country trip to the Pacific coast in the only way he can, using a toy car and Google Maps Street View...

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DIRECTOR: Tom Jenkins

Acceptance Speech by Tom Jenkins


  3rd Prize

L'Appel (The Calling)

French with English subtitles

Inspired by a burning faith, Anna, former ballet dancer and now a novice in a convent, asks for the permission to take her vows. This is when confusion sets in, between...

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DIRECTOR: Cécile Mavet

Acceptance Speech by Cécile Mavet



   Winners 2011 - Madrid

From left: Fidel Goetz Emerging Film Maker Award Winner Indrajith Mahawaduge (for Shalini Tharmalingam); Mari­a Beguiristain (Assistant Director); First Prize Winner Piotr Zlotorowicz, Adrian Marbacher, S.J. (Assistant Director); Second Prize Winner Conor Heffernan; Audience Award Winner Paddy Slattery; Christof Wolf, S.J. (Festival Director); Third Prize Winner Vojin Vasovic.


   1st Prize


Smolarze (Charcoal Burners)

Polish with English subtitles

Every summer, Marek and Janina work as charcoal burners in the Bieszczady Mountains. Far
from civilization, in the heart of the mountains, they live according to the rhythm set by nature.
The documentary joins the man and the woman from dawn till dusk, observing the slow passage
of time. A visual anthem to the beauty of life.


DIRECTOR: Piotr Zlotorowicz

Acceptance Speech by Piotr Zlotorowicz


  2nd Prize

5 Minutes Each


5 Minutes Each is a metaphorical story about the constant struggle of the artist to reach those five minutes of limelight. A tale about an upswing and downfall, with the climax appearing concurrently and unexpectedly. The hermetical life of artists, who are enclosed into their own world of ideas, striving to create the epochal masterpiece. Even if they succeed, the image they create is the reflection of themselves. And with the same fervor, they repeat the process in endless cycles.



DIRECTOR: Vojin Vasovic

Acceptance Speech by Vojin Vasovic


  3rd Prize

The Song of Wandering Eamon




The Catholic Conscience of Ireland is traced as Eamon wanders the Irish countryside.



DIRECTOR: Conor Heffernan

Acceptance Speech by Conor Heffernan



  Winners 2008 - Sydney

From left: Barbara Brown-Graham FCJ, Richard Leonard, S.J., First Prize Winner Dean Yamada, Adrian Marbacher, NS.J., Christof Wolf, S.J. (Festival Director), Stephen Curtin, S.J., Steve Cote


  1st Prize

Mujo No Kaze (The Wind of Impermanence)

Japanese with English subtitles


Kaz, a Japanese college student, is thrown into a world of depression after his best friend is murdered in America. His mother worries that he may fall into Japanese subculture of kids who only come out at night. A friend warns her of suicide clubs where people meet online and commit suicide together. Kaz goes on a spiritual journey, wrestling with the existence of God. He has multiple visions of his murdered friend, which lead him out to the countryside of Japan. It is here that he crosses paths with Michi, who is trying to escape a suicide club, led by Ito. Kaz and Michi make a connection as Ito tries to convince Michi to go through with their plan to kill themselves.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Dean Yamada CAST: Hiroki Tachibana

Acceptance Speech by Dean Yamada


  2nd Prize




Martha is a passionate dancer. She and her company are at the verge of international success. A coming tour will make her ambitions come true. However, she is 7 weeks pregnant and keeps this delicate matter secret from her colleagues and boyfriend.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Jeroen Bogaert PRODUCTION: Annemie Janssens CAST: Agni Papadeli Rossetou, Gert Winckelmans, Johan De Paepe, Michael Lazic and others



  3rd Prize




Recently moved to a new neighborhood, Joshua must run an intimidating gauntlet everyday on his way to school until his mother gives him something to boost his confidence. What she doesn't expect is Joshua's hyperactive imagination and how he turns a simple token into his new best friend.


USA 14 MIN DIRECTOR / WRITER: Nikhil Prakash





  Winners 2005 - Cologne

From left: Film Maker Ella Marie C. Evangelista with Audience Award Winner Indrajith Mahawaduge (for Existence)


  1st Prize

Grief (Gram)

German / Russian with English subtitles


On a rainy night a battered taxi drifts through the streets of Berlin. Iona, a Russian immigrant, is behind the wheel. His son Sasha had financed the family by driving the taxi until his sudden death. Now Iona tries his best as a blundering taxi driver. But what he really wants is to find someone to talk to about his son's death.



DIRECTOR: Daniel Lang WRITER: Annette von der Malbe PRODUCER: Anna Wendt CAST: Victor Choulman, Rita Breitkreitz, Jaecki Schwarz and others



  2nd Prize

God in the Streets of New York City



This film literally documents the carrying of Jesus through the streets of New York City. The monstrance which is used to carry the Blessed Sacrament is one of six that were blessed by our Holy Father Pope John II before his death to mark the celebration of the Year of the Eucharist. The film depicts the contrast between the everyday chaos of the busy streets, complete with traffic, construction, police cars and the peaceful presence of Jesus. There is always an opportunity to meet Jesus face to face. It poses the question: ‘Will you recognize him?’



DIRECTORS: Clifford Azize, Charles Kinnane PRODUCER: Michael Campo



  3rd Prize

Falling Grace

English with German subtitles


17 years ago, Grace, a messenger from the outside world was sent to earth on a routine mission. Back then, she unintentionally caused the spiritual awakening of George W. Bush that finally led him straight into the White House. Today, an urgent call causes Grace to return and try to correct her tragic mistake. At the Oval Office the night is dark and quiet...



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Sebastian Winkels PRODUCERS: Susann Schimk, Joerg Trentmann CAST: Megan Gay, Rolf Kanis