Audience Award

The film makers probably have the largest international young audience for their films. Their vote counts!


 2013 - Rio

Tozeret Bait (Home Made)

Hebrew with English subtitles


Amitay Harish, a 26 year old kibbutznik from the south of Israel, is arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor. His mother, Ahuva is convinced that her son is innocent and certain that he is being framed...

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Acceptance Speech by Lior Sagi


2011 - Madrid

The Moment



The Moment is a visual telling of the final ten minutes of a mans life. There are many obvious reasons why he seems unwilling to relinquish his life, however, his only motivation is the undying love between he and his wife.



DIRECTOR: Paddy Slattery

Acceptance Speech by Paddy Slattery

 2008 - Sydney

Judas' Pane


At the top of a cathedral stained glass window, the icon of Judas has suffered a lifetime of judgment. He has been endlessly ostracized by the eleven other, halo bearing, apostles, for his act of betrayal against Christ. Unsatisfied with his fate, Judas decides to re-visit his past in an attempt to right his wrongs, redeem himself with Christ, and receive the halo he has always lacked. During his quest, Judas discovers that contrary to the implications from the other apostles, no sin is greater than the next and that everyone has made mistakes in their past. Most importantly, Judas learns that it is never too late to start over.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Steven K. L. Olson



 2005 - Cologne

Existence - "Let your heart be my home"

Sinhala with English subtitles


They are two friends. One sees life in a positive light. The other is filled with dark negative feelings. He has no real aims in life. Only his music keeps him going. They meet one day in their usual place and have a profound conversation about the spiritual side of relationships and life. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, their conversation also explores what is hidden, dark and miserable about daily living. They come to know each other better than before. They develop a spiritual attachment. With that bond, they take their lives forward.


DIRECTOR / WRITER: Indrajith Mahawaduge CAST: Gayan Lakruwan, Sujith Kumara, Lahiru Madusanka