About TIFF

"The cinema enjoys a wealth of languages, a multiplicity of styles and a variety of narrative forms that are truly great: from realism to fable, from history to science fiction, from adventure to tragedy, from comedy to news, from animated cartoon to documentary. It thus offers an incomparable storehouse of expressive means for portraying the various areas in which the human being finds himself and for interpreting his inescapable calling to the beautiful, the universal and the absolute." (John Paul II.)

The Jesuits are pleased again to announce the 5th Inigo Film Festival for short films at the World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland. Entries are accepted in the following categories: narrative fiction, animated and documentary on the general theme of "City of God". A wide variety of interpretations of this topic is expected and encouraged.

For example, submissions are welcomed:
- that reflect the spiritual yearnings and experiences of young people today;
- that show the presence and/or absence of God in our modern secularized world;
- that take into account the twin dimensions of faith and justice.

The Inigo Awards will be given to the three best short films.

There will be a first prize of EUR 2.500, with a second and third prize of EUR 1.500 and EUR 1.000 respectively. There will be two additional Awards: one to a film chosen by the audience, The Audience Award (non-monetary), and The Fidel Goetz Emerging Film-Maker Award, which includes a stipend for the Festival.

Regulations (pdf)