Sydney 2008


A Flight Ticket

English / Korean with English subtitles


There is an old woman who came to the U.S. with her family. Her family thinks of her as a burden because they can barely afford to live. She wanted to go back to Korea for her family, but she could not afford the trip. Finally, she decides to choose the fastest and cheapest ticket available.






Blind (Winner 3rd Prize)



Recently moved to a new neighborhood, Joshua must run an intimidating gauntlet everyday on his way to school until his mother gives him something to boost his confidence. What she doesn't expect is Joshua's hyperactive imagination and how he turns a simple token into his new best friend.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Nikhil Prakash



Calogero´s Day Off

Italian with English subtitles


After nearly thirty years of perfect attendance, an aging factory worker mysteriously takes a day off and rediscovers the world around him. Filmed entirely in Torino, Italy, with an all-Italian cast, this inspirational story reminds us of the many ingredients found in a happy, flavorful life.



DIRECTOR: Alex Melli WRITER: Phil G. Yuhas PRODUCER: Alex Melli, Pino Balsamo



Cocoon (Winner 2nd Prize)



Martha is a passionate dancer. She and her company are at the verge of international success. A coming tour will make her ambitions come true. However, she is 7 weeks pregnant and keeps this delicate matter secret from her colleagues and boyfriend.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Jeroen Bogaert PRODUCTION: Annemie Janssens CAST: Agni Papadeli Rossetou, Gert Winckelmans, Johan De Paepe, Michael Lazic and others



Emerald City



Elijah, also known as MC Ellipsis, feels connected to his past. The elements of his childhood start to play key roles in a recurring vision that affects the aspiring musician on another plane; a place that separates the norm from extraordinary. He remembers fishing trips with his father deep in the boot of Louisiana but is haunted by what waits for him at the end of the line. He talks about his microphone and the relationship he shares with it, much like Arthur with his sword Excalibur. Losing his mic would be like tragically reliving the losses of his belated brother and his remembered father just as they happened the first time. But most of all, losing his microphone would be like Elijah losing himself.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Henry McComas PRODUCER: Colin McLoughlin CAST: Darrick Mosley, Jonathan Ballard, Ruford Henderson, Terance Tucker and others



Helping Hand



A bewildered stranger wanders the streets of Prague looking for directions and guidance from the people he encounters. Would you lend a helping hand?



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Alex Melli CAST: Anne McDonough, Curtis Matthews, Grant Nelson, Lucie Brezovsk, Matej Merunka and others



Judas´ Pane (Audience Award)


At the top of a cathedral stained glass window, the icon of Judas has suffered a lifetime of judgment. He has been endlessly ostracized by the eleven other, halo bearing, apostles, for his act of betrayal against Christ. Unsatisfied with his fate, Judas decides to re-visit his past in an attempt to right his wrongs, redeem himself with Christ, and receive the halo he has always lacked. During his quest, Judas discovers that contrary to the implications from the other apostles, no sin is greater than the next and that everyone has made mistakes in their past. Most importantly, Judas learns that it is never too late to start over.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Steven K. L. Olson



Kuna Ni Nanang (My Mother Said)



This is not your standard "talking head and b-roll" documentary. Kuna Ni Nanang (My Mother Said) is an experimental documentary that features 99 year-old Elena Bautista. As she sits alone in her church, we hear her sing a sad Filipino folk song about a mother who has to tell her young children that she is going to die soon. Later on, we observe Elena dancing a Filipino folk dance and hear her reflect on her long life, her mother's death and her own impending death, which faces fearlessly.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Jessica Sison CAST: Elena Bautista



La Liberta de La´interieur (Freedom Within)


La Liberta de la'Interieur (Freedom Within) is an inspirational film about how a man confined to a door-less, window-less cube is helped to freedom by a mysterious stranger. Told with color, sound and a bit of magic, Liberta chronicles the journey of la'homme (the man) as he discovers his source of freedom, experiences its power and wrestles with what to do with his newly found liberty. Filmed in a Hitchcock-meetsthe-Matrix style, La Liberta de la'Interieur promises suspense, surprises and smiles.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Eric Albertson CAST: Dan Gard


Le Tournant da´une Vie (Nothing's the Same, Fidel Goetz Emerging Film Maker Award)

French with English subtitles


The Burundi Film Center presents a film straight from the heart of Africa. "Le Tournant da'une Vie" shows how a life of a young woman changes dramatically after having been raped by two men. She is afraid of getting AIDS and whether her fiancee still wants to marry her. The film shows the fragility of human happiness and how love helps to overcome it.



PRODUCER Christopher Redmond



Mujo No Kaze (The Wind of Impermanence, Winner 1st Prize)

Japanese with English subtitles


Kaz, a Japanese college student, is thrown into a world of depression after his best friend is murdered in America. His mother worries that he may fall into Japanese subculture of kids who only come out at night. A friend warns her of suicide clubs where people meet online and commit suicide together. Kaz goes on a spiritual journey, wrestling with the existence of God. He has multiple visions of his murdered friend, which lead him out to the countryside of Japan. It is here that he crosses paths with Michi, who is trying to escape a suicide club, led by Ito. Kaz and Michi make a connection as Ito tries to convince Michi to go through with their plan to kill themselves.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Dean Yamada CAST: Hiroki Tachibana



My Name is Orphan



Mission for Orphans presents a touching, up-close-and-personal account of the plight of street kids and orphans in Mumbai, India and grassroots efforts to rescue them. Gene Rumley, an American businessman, visits Mumbai to document the work of Biju Thampy, an Indian humanitarian worker, and to assist Biju in his tireless mission to feed, clothe, and educate street children. "My Name is Orphan" is a life-changing West meets East journey that evidences how seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome when people come together for a noble cause.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Gene Rumley PRODUCER: Trevor Brown website



One! The Garry Davis Story



A Broadway star, horrified at having to bomb a city in WWII, Garry Davis gave up national citizenship in 1948 and has lived ever since as only a citizen of the world. In pristine historic footage we see him interrupt the squabbling of nations at the UN to call for governance of, by and for the people of this planet. Joined by Albert Camus and Albert Einstein, we see his new government issue World Passports to free refugees incarcerated for years for lack of ID. Garry Davis stands today for a world most people can only dream about: a world in which humanity is united. A future in which we free ourselves from war, oppression and environmental destruction. A world in which we are: One!



DIRECTORS Arthur Kanegis, Garry Davis WRITER: Arthur Kanegis CAST: Garry Davis



She is also Pregnant

Sinhala with English subtitles


Amila works in an NGO and is currently researching the increasing number of abortions in Sri Lanka. Personally he is very much against abortions. He is working hard day and night on this project and neglects his girl friend. One day she calls him to ask why he has not contacted her. He explains that he is very busy. She gets angry and gives him some news which turns his world upside down.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Thilina Alahakoon PRODUCER: Frankline Hewawitharana CAST: Chamal Rathnayake



Soul Mechanic



The film promotes a unifying and moderate Islam in America through the works of a humble mechanic. Mahmood fixes more than just cars. His sculptural art in his car repair shop/gallery brings together religions and also people from Cambridge, MA and across the USA. Mahmood came to America from Iran 30 years ago. He always dreamt of filmmaking but he had to take up fixing cars to support his family. Now, Mahmood's creative work has made him a spiritual inspiration to countless people.



DIRECTOR: Jehan S. Harney



The Divine Details



This short film focuses on the spiritual nature of sporting greatness and the almost transcendent joy it can bring to the spectators. It shows how a soccer player's skill and determination is enhanced by the will of the crowd and how they unite to reach a moment of pure emotion.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: David Cooke PRODUCTION: Crawford Anderson-Dillon, Hugh McGrory CAST: Andy Moore, John Cairns, Michael Kelly


Un Eclat (The Sparkle)

French with English subtitles


Pierre Lumens, in his fifties, is a broken man. Since a widower he is impervious to the surrounding world and to people, he is bitter and he is a nihilist. Pierre Lumens has no other passion in his life than his work: art restoring. One day he is asked to restore an old crucifix. A strange and paradoxical relation (attraction-repulsion) arises between him and the object. But it brings Lumens, after unconscious resistance, back to humanity, to pity and maybe to piety.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Rodolphe Viamont CAST: Py Olivier, Recoing Auralien



Under There



"Under There" asks some pretty profound questions in a lighthearted way. Eight-year-old Samantha (JASMINE ANTHONY) is playing soccer in a cemetery when a mourner named Roman (RICHARD EDSON) takes offense at the little girl's failure to show what he considers to be proper respect for the dead. Roman scolds Samantha, then takes it upon himself to explain the Christian perspective upon death. Samantha listens politely; however, in the end, she clings to her unschooled understanding of the relationship between body and soul. As far as Samantha is concerned, human beings simply return to the earth when they die.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Jeremy Lanni CAST: Jasmine Anthony, Richard Edson 






Native American and Indigenous youth and elders make the talk about integrating the Ways with Christian beliefs in this documentary filmed on location at the Wintertalk conference. Participants discuss this powerful integration as the hope and strength for the future as they walk the Red Road in a white, Christian world. Interviews with Indigenous people from Hawaii, Pyramid Lake Reservation in Nevada, the Santee Reservation in Nebraska, Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, and the Shoshonee Indian Reservation in Idaho are included.



DIRECTOR / WRITER: Locke Wasler PRODUCTION: Mark Wasler CAST: Donald Whipple Fox, Malcolm Chun, Raquel Uinokuokalani Chong and others



Loreto Kirribilli School

We are located at the Loreto Kirribilli school. The Loreto Kirribilli is a Roman Catholic day school for girls in Kirribilli, a Lower North Shore suburb of Sydney.

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